J. Arthur & Co featured in MarketWatch.com

By: J. Arthur Co

We’re excited to recently have an article about our mission, growth and company objectives featured by the well-known investment publication MarketWatch. You can read below some excerpts from the article and visit this link to read the article in full.


Feb 04, 2022 (Marketwatch.com) —

J. Arthur & Co is making a push to get the word out; businesses need to be looking at digital differently. The Newport-based digital services firm wants to help companies build their websites and digital presence to acquire new customers, generate revenue, and create a place where they have complete control over their brand identity.

Jeffrey St. Onge, the firm’s founder, summarized the situation, “For most small to mid-market businesses, they’ve traditionally looked at their website, analytics, and other aspects of digital marketing as a necessary expense, something they had to do to keep up. They’ve never even considered this could be something that delivers revenue instead of depleting it. We believe there’s been a massive void in the quality of websites and strategic planning for these types of businesses, and we’re committed to showing them what’s possible.”

J. Arthur & Co. creates growth for their partners by developing their online presence and digitizing their customer acquisition. The recipe for achieving this is a mix of user-centric web functionality, user-interface design interwoven with branding, and strategic planning. This establishes intellectual property that’s owned by the partner brand, going far beyond what traditional web design or digital marketing.

St. Onge continued, “It’s a really special moment for everyone when we discover and create new paths to growth for our partners that they didn’t know were possible.”

While J. Arthur & Co. has always enjoyed their work on behalf of major brands and conglomerates, the digital services firm has found that the most exciting partnerships are often with smaller businesses with limited regional and local footprints. The firm seeks to inspire these partners, as well as bootstrapped startups, of one primary truth: it’s possible to build equity and effectively scale their businesses through dedication, strategic planning, and strong business fundamentals.

It’s with these experiences in mind, as well as their understanding of the digital landscape, that J. Arthur & Co. is motivated to make developing these types of partnerships their primary focus for the foreseeable future. J. Arthur & Co’s equity division has already been busy cultivating strategic partnerships with startup companies to assist them as they add value and meet demand in their communities. The organization and its founder are dedicated to their mission of creating digital assets that deliver their clients revenue, strong ROI, and reduce legacy systems inefficiencies through digitization.

About J. Arthur & Co.

Since its founding in 2014, J. Arthur & Co. has been providing businesses of all sizes with end-to-end web design, branding, and growth advisory services. Their partners have represented some of the biggest brands in American business, including Wyndham Hotels, Burger King, Cambria Hotels & Suites, AR Global, Howard Johnson, and more. The industries J. Arthur & Co. has worked with are just as varied, ranging from hospitality, real estate, supplies & logistics, finance, trade shows, and construction services.

To learn more about J. Arthur & Co. visit their website at jarthur.co