5 ways to use your website as a resource during COVID

By: Jeff St.Onge

We know this is an uncertain time and many small, medium and large businesses are under stress. Now is as good a time as ever to use the digital space while people are at home with your website and social media to communicate with your audience or continue marketing with extra time.

I wanted to start with a quick guide to using your website for updates, innovation and resources during COVID-19.

1. Post a pop-up or update that tells customers and staff how your business has been affected by the situation. Have your hours changed, stayed the same? Are you a restaurant offering takeout? Are your employees now working remote?  Keeping people updated shows you that you are taking the situation seriously, but also committed to moving forward as best you can.

2. Ecommerce – Can you pivot any of your products to sell online? With the reduction in face to face contact, this has effected many retail shops,        Ecommerce is one way to still  still offer your product for sale and reach customers willing to support businesses during this time.

3. E-hiring – Although many businesses have stopped hiring, some businesses have continued moving forward. Because many people are out of            work, they are looking for new opportunities  – get your website set up with forms and resume upload options for people who you might be able              to offer full or part time work during this time.

4. Start a blog to create content around your business and how you’re adapting to the situation.

5. Start an online learning course – With many 3rd party softwares that can integrate to your site, you can move your service base businessto          E- learning free or cheaply (even if you offer the course at a discounted rate) so you are able to earn income and still provide your service or                    product in a different genre.

Bonus* – Take this downtime to update content on your website, photos, text, etc.

We have to get creative and pivot to different options in these times. I hope any of these ideas were helpful, reach out to team@jarthur.co for any questions or help getting setup.