Brand Archetypes and Defining Your Company’s Voice

By: Tish Brayman

Brand Archetypes 

How do you get people to relate to and invest in your brand? Like every lead protagonist in any classic film, book, or TV series, your brand will be easier to identify with and build upon once it’s been sorted into the proper archetype. Brand archetypes are images of collective nature to help define a company. Companies use this strategy to help maintain image and get a better understanding of the company’s purpose. Brand archetypes are great for aligning the right customer persona with the company. 

Things to consider when defining the proper archetype and identity:

  • Value Proposition
  • Key Differentiators
  • Core Mission
  • Company History and track record
  • Client/customer profile
  • Vision for the future
  • Employee profile
  • Logo, colors, fonts

The Jungian Archetype, created by Swiss psychoanalyst and psychiatrist Carl Jung, is the most easily accessed and widely known set of relatable personas.  When figuring out brand archetypes it is important to make sure that the content that is created is consistent with the archetype and to make sure that the content that is made still aligns with customers.  

There are twelve brand archetypes for a company and they all stem from certain motivations. As a company, do you strive to help your customers or clients find stability, promote freedom, advocate for achievement, or give a sense of belonging? Find out what motivation best suits your brand, and then narrow it further with the archetypes that fall into it:

Motivation: Stability Control

  1. The Caregiver: Service, Nurturing, Generous
  2. The Ruler: Control, Responsible, Organized
  3. The Creator: Innovation, Imaginative, Driven

Motivation: Learning Freedom

  1. The Innocent: Safety, Optimism, Happiness
  2. The Sage: Understanding, Wisdom
  3. The Explorer: Freedom, Travel, Discovery, Risk

Motivation: Risk Achievement 

  1. The Hero: Mastery, Courageous, Inspirational
  2. The Rebel: Liberation, Outlaw, Revolution
  3. The Magician: Power, Visionary

Motivation: Belonging

  1. The Everyman: Belonging, Supportive, Down-to-Earth
  2. The Lover: Intimacy, Passion, Commitment
  3. The Jester: Enjoyment, Fun, Humor


Brand Archetype

image by Oglivy

What questions should you ask when defining your company’s identity?

What Pain Points Do You Solve For Your Customers?

How Do You Make Your Clients Feel?

How are You Different?

Why Do Your Clients Trust You?

What’s Your Story?

How Does Your Logo Communicate Your Brand?

What are Your Colors?

How Can You Streamline Visuals?