Creating A Digital Enterprise

By: Danielle Rose

Digitalization provides unparalleled opportunities for value creation and capture, while also representing a major source of risk. In order to effectively create your native enterprise, organizations should identify, develop and launch new digital business models while re-examining every aspect of operations. They should understand and leverage data, increase investments in security, build a high-quotient digital workforce and a digitally literate leadership team that can integrate automation and on-demand workers.


Building your digital native enterprise [DNE]

According to predictions made by digital consulting firms, the factors that will drive digital transformation for the balance of this decade are: creating value for the business, strong leadership and culture of constant change.

In order to reassess as a digital enterprise, companies must evaluate what they need to do (create a digital business model), determine how to do it (digital operating model), and who they need to work with to make these models succeed.

“It is essential to remain tangible, identify the new and innovative business model in this emerging marketplace. Therefore to start a digital native journey, you must know where your business stands and where it aims to be,” according to LA-based digital transformation experts, [x]cube LABS.

Business Transformation Drivers Ppt PowerPoint Presentation File Inspiration Slide 1

Business Transformation Drivers Ppt PowerPoint Presentation File Inspiration Slide 1

How to organize your digital enterprise

[x]cube identifies these essential points for organizing a digital native enterprise;

  • Become familiar with digital tools.
  • Identify the changing business model within the marketplace.
  • Understand the importance of Digital Transformation (DX) journey and then create the strategy by focusing on innovation to create new expansion.
  • Lead in IT and new digital capabilities that offer digitally enhanced products, services, and experiences to the enterprise.

Frank Gens, Senior Vice President and Chief Analyst at IDC, said, “we are at an inflection point as digital transformation efforts shift from ‘project’ or ‘initiative’ status to strategic business imperative. Every (growing) enterprise, regardless of age or industry, must become ‘digital native’ in the way its executives and employees think, what they produce, and how they operate. At the same time, 3rd Platform technology adoption and digital transformation are happening much faster than most expected and early competitive advantages will go to those enterprises that can keep pace with the emerging DX economy.”

Digital Transformation Business Model Ppt PowerPoint Presentation Infographics Slide Portrait Slide 1

Digital Transformation Business Model Ppt PowerPoint Presentation Infographics Slide Portrait Slide 1

Can your business hold up to the digital transition?

[x]cub identifies these four essential elements to surviving the digital transformation journey:

  1. Assess your organization’s existing processes and whether they would be able to adapt themselves to the new model. Your company should be able to inherit modifications smoothly and efficiently.
  2. The transformation process must help you leverage technology to expand the company’s core strengths and create a competitive advantage to prevent you from becoming obsolete.
  3. The first steps in the digital transformation journey invariably need to focus on identifying processes, envision product or service improvements, reimaging customer experience, and so on. Simply employing new technology will not result in digital transformation.
  4. Digital Transformation takes time. It is a continuous process finding relevant answers, understanding what you’re solving for and what results you’re seeking to achieve. It is as much about leadership as IT. A digital mindset will assess how technology will be used to innovate and drive value for the business.

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