Why is data so important in digital marketing?

By: Amanda Young

Digital marketing is the same as every other type of marketing, however, this type of marketing incorporates digital assets.  The list of digital assets a company can incorporate into their business plan includes websites, software, applications, digital copy, video content, images, written content, online tools, reviews, and social media pages.  There are also a ton of different strategies that digital marketers follow; pay-per-click advertising, paid search advertising, search engine optimization, paid social media advertising, social media marketing, conversion rate optimization, content marketing, native advertising, email marketing and affiliate marketing. 

Types of Data Collected from Digital Marketing

In digital marketing, there is a variety of different types of data that can be collected.  The types of data that are commonly found in digital marketing include web analytics, social media data, email marketing, blog and content creation, and lead generation. Today, there is a popular trend on incorporating the collection of big data into a business.  Big data involves artificial intelligence tools that help produce automated and thorough analysis. This type of data is also great for tracking conversion rates which can help a company improve on their ROI. 

Why is data important in digital marketing?

Digital marketing data is so important because it gives you the opportunity to analyze your business’ audience, whether they are customers, users, clients or general viewers. Data driven B2B companies have a greater chance in seeing an increase in their sales, while, data driven B2C companies have a greater chance in seeing retention of consumers. Overall, data collecting is so important in digital marketing because it plays a great role in giving businesses the ability to strategize for the future.