Digital Customer Acquisition


Digital Customer Acquisition (DCA) is the ambition to enable people to find your product through a relevant search, and as they’re already a warm lead, be convinced of your product quickly and then efficiently onboard themselves. No contact with you, no customer service requirement, just money in the bank. Scaling (or starting) a technology business means growing and generating new customers consistently and continuously. It is not solely about how to market your business or even having large budgets to spend on campaigns. It’s about a digital customer acquisition strategy that can identify and achieve the outcomes quickly and then continue to work to gain new customers.

Digital Customer ACQUISITION 1


Budgeting is essential to a good strategy and your potential TAM (Total Addressable Market), and your pricing structure will help determine how much you can spend to acquire a new customer. Customer Acquisition Cost (referred to as CAC for short) is the price you pay to acquire a new customer. This is usually just the marketing costs and doesn’t tend to include overheads and salaries (unless consultants or specialists are used). It is pointless to spend £400 acquiring a new customer when they are paying £25 per month and then churn after one year.


he digital strategy focuses on online tactics. This could be social media marketing, email marketing or curation of content all leveraged through SEO but also in the right places that the material can be seen. We are focusing on the digital element in this piece, but for reference, offline customer acquisition could be simple things like roller banners and flyers, to exhibition stands and sales calls. However, these should always be supported by a well constructed digital strategy that empowers results.

16 Steps for Customer Acquisition Process

customer acquisition process is not an easy job, but you can follow the below steps and build up an effective acquisition plan to attract your prospective customers.

  1. Define Your Business Strategy
  2. Pre-estimate Customer Acquisition Cost
  3. Create Your Target Market
  4. Decide on Right Acquisition Channel
  5. Hire Trained and Talented Staff
  6. Build Optimizable Web Pages
  7. Use Content Marketing to Acquire Customers
  8. Manage Social Media Marketing
  9. Practice Search Engine Optimization
  10. Attain Customers with Email Marketing
  11. Create Your Product Demand
  12. Acquire New Customers with Popups
  13. Build a Sustainable Relationship With Customers
  14. Ask for Customer Stories
  15. Run a Referral Program
  16. Show Testimonials