Digital Identity

What is digital identity?

A digital identity is the body of information about an individual, organization or electronic device that exists online.
Unique identifiers and use patterns make it possible to detect individuals or their devices. This information is often used by website owners and advertisers to identify and track users for personalization and to serve them targeted content and advertising.

How does digital identity fit into the digital transformation picture?

The digital transformation of businesses is experiencing a quantum leap at the moment due to the shifts brought on by the COVID pandemic, whether it be related to the adoption of cloud computing, big data, ecommerce, more software, or app-based business management solutions, or moving workforces online. Within this context, the global payments ecosystem is believed to be experiencing five years worth of growth in just one year. Within this context, digital identity verification plays a vital role in safeguarding the entire global payments ecosystem, and all the billions of people who rely on it daily, against online financial crimes which unfortunately are also on the rise.