Bootstrap Entrepreneurship & The Pursuit of The American Dream in 2016

By: Jeff St. Onge

I wish I could tell you I started this company with some noble vision… but in actuality I just had to pay rent.


This story is for the grassroots #entrepreneurs… the bootstrappers… the people that aren’t interested in answering to a board of investors and start businesses for the rightoues reasons…. #freedom, self-belief, a higher #value for your time than a paycheck, the glorious #opportunity to be the master of your own fate and the #realization that we have ONE LIFE on this earth.. so, how’re you gonna live it?


This ain’t Shark Tank – this is what building a business actually looks like when you believe you have a scalable idea or service and are committed to bringing it to market from scratch, growing over time by your own #cashflow through daunting adversity and obstacles. In the process of all that mushy self-discovery I believe I’ve stumbled upon one of the largest unfilled needs in all of #tech… one that Google, GoDaddy, WIX, Square Space, Yahoo, and all of Silicon Valley have been unable to figure out…

I’m talking about scalable #SmallBiz website creation & management that consistently impacts bottom line sales. Not a gimmicky build your own website or online business card that can’t hold an audience… real effective small business digital identity building that creates, attracts and closes sales for local business owners.


There’s not one company in the website space that has dominant market share.


@forbes estimates there are over 27 Million small businesses in America. Hello #MIDDLECLASS. Due to wack government & monetary policy this is the dying breed of our country that has always made America, America. This is who we serve.<h/4>

It would be easy for me to go the big agency route and chase big box clients who can write huge checks like most #digital #advertising peeps… don’t get me wrong, I’m doing that too. But there is something more important, something that’s harder to achieve and something that has a real impact on local communities and counties we work with.


The scalable small business, sales impacting website. That’s what I’m after. The last two years my team has been operating in stealthy #startup mode – studying local markets from Maine to Nevada in industries from food, real estate to hospitality… solving problems and building high value products for our customers.



We’ve grown with a handful of developers and sales reps working out of my bedroom to 1,000 SQ feet studio in Newport, Rhode Island.. one of the first merchant towns in America. And we’re only getting started. Like I said, no investors – we invest our free cash flow, increase our skills, and we have been working tirelessly on a new product launch to automate the process so that it’s EASY and afforadable for small businesses to have access to #digitalmedia products that can change the face of their business.

So, if you’ve made it this far – keep going, right? Stay tuned for our Vlog series and much more to come from #JArthurCo where we’re bridging the gap between big tech and #SmallBiz.

Cheers, Founder & CEO
Jeff St.Onge