Full Stack Web Development

What is Full Stack Web Development?

Full Stack Development is a software profession/stream where a developer deals with both the Frontend (client-side) and Backend (server-side) of a tech product.
The front end includes everything that a client, or site viewer, can see and interact with. By contrast, the back end refers to all the servers, databases, and other internal architecture that drives the application; usually, the end-user never interacts with this realm directly.
A Full Stack Developer is proficient in several technologies that help in developing a robust tech product, and thus play a major role in making decisions for the company. It is one of the high-demand jobs in the software industry.
Full-stack developers develop both the front-end and the server-side of the application, deploy, debug and maintain their databases and servers. Being a Full Stack Web Developer, you will be at an edge as you make better technical decisions and see the big picture.

Web Development Programming

Skillset for Full stack web development

As a Full Stack Developer, you become the jack of all techs, which means you must learn and be proficient in:

  • HTML, CSS, UI & UX, JavaScript, etc.
  • Server-side languages such as Java, Python, Node.js, Or Golang, etc.
  • Frameworks Express, Spring Boot, Django, etc.
  • Along with an understanding of System Design, Data Structures and Algorithms, Databases, and version control systems like Git.

Everyday responsibilities of the profession include:

  • Working with CSS, HTML, and JavaScript, along with CSS preprocessors, to craft client-facing platforms
  • Managing databases and servers
  • Coding for functionality across multiple languages and platforms
  • Communicating with specialized developers and the graphic design team to deliver the best possible product
  • Keeping up with emerging technology that may serve the business’ needs
  • Prototyping minimal viable products for communication with company stakeholders