How covid has impacted social media usage

By: Amanda Young

“Millions of people are now at home with their devices in hand to explore social media”


Social Media Users: 

Izea recently gathered some key statistics in relation to the impacts that Coronavirus will have on social media.  After performing two studies they gathered that about 66% of social media users believe that over the next few months they will use social media more.  44% of social media users are even considering becoming a social media influencers to earn some extra cash while staying home.

NapoleonCat, a social media analytics company, shared a comparison of social media usage in the month of February 2020 compared to the month of March 2020.  They gathered that the use of Facebook and Instagram has increased greatly. Facebook users went up 2.5% and Instagram users went up 3.7%.

In addition, Statista sent out a survey that asked 425 respondents “What social media platforms do you believe you will use more or less during the recent period?”

Social Media Influencers: 

Influence Central, a marketing firm, sent out a survey to 370 social media influencers asking about how the COVID-19 will impact social media and their interactions with their followers. Survey results concluded that it is estimated that the use of Facebook and Instagram will increase about 36% and Pinterest will be up about 37%

50.2% of the influencers that responded are planning to create and post more content to their accounts. 26.6%  of the influencers are continuing to focus on their normal content. Lastly, 73.6% of the influencers questioned have already posted some sort of content regarding the Coronavirus and stay home policies.