How to build workplace culture while working remote

By: Amanda Young

Workplace culture is what helps make a company unique.  A company’s culture includes the business’ values, traditions, beliefs, interactions, behaviors, and attitudes.  It’s so essential when leading a team of people that the team’s leader concentrates on highlighting company cultures.  Workplace culture inspires talent, increases engagement, promotes happiness, and improves performance.  Now that companies have moved to online workplaces, team leaders need to find ways to keep on promoting these workplace culture benefits by coming up with new techniques to keep employees motivated. 

Building Workplace Culture Online

  1. Refine your company values
  2. Encourage an environment of open communication and feedback
  3. Set expectations on communication methods
  4. Be aware of the ‘water cooler effect’ and promote casual conversations between employees
  5. Make sure there is a ton of communication
  6. Measure your remote team employee engagement
  7. Make communication easy 
  8. Encourage shared leadership within teams
  9. Build community through subgroups
  10. Prioritize health and wellness 

In the end, it is important to make sure that your team has signs of having a good remote work culture.  The signs of good remote work culture that you should look out for include having employees that are comfortable with giving feedback, seeing that there are a lot of signs of communication, finding that the tools that are being used are helpful, having the team goals clear for everyone, and that the overall feel of the company is transparent and welcoming.