J. Arthur Co. now accepting Bitcoin & Ethereum for payment, offering crypto compensation packages

By: J. Arthur Co.

Statement From CEO, Jeff St. Onge:

“As a company, we first got involved with cryptocurrency in March, 2020. We believe in the benefits of decentralized finance and have been impressed with both Bitcoin and Ethereum technologies. Our current resources are biased towards Ethereum because of its ability to facilitate smart contracts and a digital environment that’s more transparent and efficient.

We see strategic advantages, both in capital growth and through direct involvement and engineering on the ETH platform.

I can envision a scenario in the near future where we begin to offer crypto-based retirement and growth plans for team members of J. Arthur Co. We understand the world is changing quickly and if we can attract new talent to the company through innovative retirement models, we are open to finding a way to make that happen.

Due to some of great software already built in the space, we can now commercially accept Bitcoin and Ethereum tokens as payment for services.

I understand the potential volatility when involving company resources in a risk-asset or digital currency, but with thorough technological fundamentals and growing global user adoption, we can see the significant upside and more importantly, huge added value. We’re not as concerned with price fluctuations, but more focused on contributing to the platform and keeping a long term mindset. J. Arthur Co wants to still be around in 30-40 years and use the tools that will be.

While Defi is an exciting feature of the 2020’s, our team will continue to stay focused on growing core business operations.”