J. Arthur Co announces equity partnerships with three startups

By: J. Arthur & Co

J. Arthur & Co is announcing the firm’s partnership with three companies who are striving to make a difference in their communities. As a bootstrapped, self-funded company – we believe in finding passionate founders who have found a niche market with demand for products & services. This allows founders to leverage J. Arthur Co’s technology and digital services expertise to quickly brand, launch and begin acquiring customers and growing revenue.

Our criteria for equity partners is as follows:

  • Strong, passionate and ethical founders
  • Market research that proves a current weakness in the product or service we’re bringing to market
  • A mission of community based service, and then growth
  • A business model that lends itself to organic, bootstrapped growth so that the company and founders can grow together, allowing for longevity and endurance of the company
  • Products & services that can directly leverage our teams digital + web services stack to go to market quickly

A statement from our founder, Jeff St. Onge

“Through our parent holding company J. Arthur Holding Group LLC, we’re excited to share that we’ve taken an equity position in 3 startups in different demographics and industries that are bringing exciting products to market. Our partner-founders are all passionate experts in their field and have been able to leverage our digital IP to build out a sound marketing and technology base to their companies. Most importantly, they are bringing a valuable service to their community and have entered their new entities with a long term mindset. This is an exciting development in our growth model and we can’t wait work alongside our new partners and watch their companies grow through all the ups and downs that new business ownership can bring” 

Rent Beetle, LLC

Rent Beetle is a real estate rental platform that makes it easy to find housing, apply, and make a deposit for your rent right on your phone. The bulky process of applying for housing with paper documents and checks is made completely digital. Rent Beetle is starting with niche student housing to gain traction of a largely un-tackled market. Rent Beetle has been in beta production for 6 months and is post-revenue.

Founder partners L to R, Jeff St. Onge, Laura Krick, Adam Reisberg – Newport, Rhode Island. https://rentbeetle.io


Aurora IP

Aurora IP in an enterprise mobile application that helps companies manage employee or contractor scheduling, time tracking and payroll processes by digitizing the process. Aurora IP is pre-revenue.

Founding partners Jeff St. Onge & Autumn Briggs – Las Vegas, NV. https://auroraip.app



Pact Performance, LLC

Pact Performance is an athletic performance training created for an under-served market of northern Massachusetts and southern New Hampshire. Pact Performance is in their 2nd year of business.

Pact Performance athletes and co-founder Jason Fielding – Lawrence, Massachusetts. https://pactperformance.com