Location, History, Culture & Mission – Making It All Work

By: Jeff St Onge

Layering into multuple messages into one ad spot is always a challenge. With some excellent drone videography and storytelling, we tied in our offices HQ citied in Newport, Rhode Island with the deep history the area has rooted in the founding principles of our country.

Newport was known as the original “experiment” for freedom of religion – here’s what that means: Early settlers first landed in Providence, Rhode Island but were being segregated and persecuted according to their religious practice of choice. Newport was a small island in the southern area of the state where settlers from all types of religious sects moved and agreed to practice their faith peacefully. This set the precedent for freedom of religion to be “scaled” and practiced elsewhere in the country. How POWERFUL is that?

It so happens that where our offices are located is on the direct geographic center of Newport, where the original town Spring was located. This was a meeting spot for Newporter’s and new Americans to meet, gather water for sustenance and become acquainted, forming a close-knit culture. As was the case in the 1700’s, we want to bring the same dynamic to this wonderfully creative city with a 2018 spin – opening up our office doors and resources as collaborative working desks to to innovative creatives, startups and entrepreneurs to foster their next big idea.

Newport was a Loyalist stronghold early during the Revolutionary war and was notorious for a growing population of patriots. With the current division and controversy in the media & politics, it may be that America is on the verge of a new kind of revolution… what that will be is yet to be seen. All we can offer is our hope and our companies mission, what we were founded on and will hopefully continue to grow and employ more people under the same premise.

Bottom line – you can’t control so many things and with the overwhelming access to information & media, we are drowning in unwanted opinions, half of them met with anger & emotion or unverified facts.

Here’s what you can control – your own actions. We hope to live that through our service of creating a scalable managed website service and reach thousands of American small business while servicing our amazing corporate agency clients. Watch the video below and see if we did a good job conveying these messages together…