More Than Just Another Agency… Coming Soon.

By: Jeff St. Onge

More than just another agency… coming soon.

Let me rant for a sec.

It’s been a gritty, innovative 2 yrs at the startup studio but it’s exciting to be making new waves in a new & expansive creative space come this spring.

The digital space is truly in its infancy, when you consider 25 yrs amidst centuries it’s practically just been born.

The need for small, med, large & x-large businesses to exist & acquire customers in this space will never change – which is why becoming a master at using the resources available online continue to give life to this niche of businesses calling themselves “digital agencies.”

The promoter in me wants to believe that my co. is building products & campaigns that are truly unique & delivering exceptional results. Yes, this is partly true, we’ve had huge impact on some of our clients businesses.. armed with mostly a remote team of tech & creative talent, we’re small, resilient.. but pack a big punch.

But around America there are many agencies run by remarkable people doing the same. Kudos to you all.

So the realist in me knows we’re too alike. The most important thing in business is differentiation. And to truly be great you have to be a master at standing out in product, execution, marketing, branding – the whole 9.

The most unique of my ideas have been neither born or executed.. my mission is to build this co. into more than just another agency.

Websites are the new oil. They’re the pillar and most effective of all digital resources for businesses. Every business needs one and there are only a handful of companies distributing them effectively. The website market is made up of DIY sites, scattered freelancers & agencies all over the country.

If you quantify this opportunity into dollars and % of market share either empty or poorly filled – this concept of web distribution is both overlooked & extremely important. The amount of business, mainly small businesses … who are unsatisfied with their website and/or digital presence is astonishing, close to 75%.

I’m obsessed with developing products & systems that better distribute this gold-like digital asset for SmallBiz in the quality that they deserve while continuing to improve the big budget, ad-management side of the biz. Stay-tuned.