The Difference Between Being Motivated & Being Driven

The difference between driven and motivated is sublte but important. Right around this time, the middle to the end of January – people already begin waivering on their New Years goals. This is actually normal, so if you are in this group, you are not alone. The reason is that motivation in itself is a short term emotion. In order to find something that is long lasting, one has to discover within themselves what it takes to become drive.  #BecomingDriven????

I love the feeling of being inspired or motivated, but honestly… it lasts about 3 days, then something punches you in the gut. No more feel-good inspiration…. Drive is much less fashionable. It’s a quiet, simmering, slow burning flame inside you that can’t be extinguished.

It’s the only thing that propels you through the muck, the drudgery, the pain, failure, doubt and countless setbacks. It’s means not negotiating the price you’re willing to pay. Drive can’t be bought or sold. .

It means that even after you’ve ‘arrived’ at your goal, you still won’t stop. People who are driven have a ‘WHY’ that far exceeds their own personal gain. .

Being driven is bittersweet. If you want to get motivated, think about what it will take you to become driven. I’ll do the same and consider what it will take to bring my drive to the next level.