The Ultimate Experiential Marketing & Previewing Web Based VR

By: Jeff St. Onge

Many different reactions to our HTC VIVE VirtualReality kiosk but most are impressed by how immersive the experience is.

From a #creative standpoint I’m not sure there’s ever been anything so limitless but from a practical biz dev perspective it’s a bit more of a challenge. The idea alone of being able to create literally ANYTHING you can imagine is kind of unbelievable and a bit overwhelming.

How can businesses leverage VR to superpower experiential marketing and leave a lasting footprint on consumers minds?Maybe you’re a Las Vegas casino building in #Boston and want to show your customers the new east coast scene… a real estate development conglomerate resurrecting a skyscraper in Shanghai and want to give potential investors a real pitch… a high-end retailer that wants to show lifetime customers new unreleased products via virtual shopping —- these are just a drop in the ocean of the possibilities. Which direction VR and AR will take is a bit of a question mark right now but in these formative years I’ve felt it important to get involved and get active.

We’ve even built a Virtual Reality 360 aerial drone tour of the Newport, Rhode Island coastline and it’s pretty awesome (drone work by Brian Kelly).


We’re also exploring dev concepts of virtual web browsing. Our goal is to make our native site full virtual friendly, so that users on both mobile and desktop who are equipped with headsets on their device can tune into with their Vive, Oculus or other headset. The future implications of this are again, endless. It’s easy to envision a next level internet where virtual browsing is much more prevalent – and advertisers would benefit by eliminating the mass hysteria that is the current landscape for attention on the internet.

We’re hoping to have a landing page web based VR concept for user preview starting this spring.