Physiq Apparel Partners with MMA Star Arnold “Almighty” Allen

By: Denton Dickerson

Meet Arnold “Almighty” Allen


Arnold Allen, a professional mixed martial artist hailing from Ipswich, England, boasts an impressive background in both kickboxing and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. From a young age, Allen was passionate about martial arts and devoted himself to its practice. Through hard work and dedication, Allen has established himself as one of the most skilled fighters in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC).

With a record of 19-1-0 in the UFC, Allen is a testament to the power of perseverance and determination. His moniker, “Almighty,” is a fitting tribute to the incredible skill and drive he brings to every match.

In an exciting new development, Allen has recently teamed up with top sportswear brand Physiq Apparel. J. Arthur & Co., the company behind Physiq Apparel, is thrilled to have Allen on board as one of their sponsored athletes. The values at the core of Physiq Apparel, such as dedication, hard work, and a love of sports, are perfectly aligned with Arnold’s own values.

Fans of Allen can stay up-to-date on his progress and access exclusive content through Physiq Apparel’s social media channels. As Allen continues to pursue his promising UFC career, this partnership promises to be a truly exciting collaboration with much to offer.

Mark your calendars for Arnold Allen’s big fight against Max Holloway on April 15th, which will be broadcast live on ESPN. The event is sure to be a thrilling one, and fans of Arnold Allen are eagerly anticipating his next big move in the ring.

Arnold Allen