Our journey began with a deep dive into Wyndham Newport's brand essence and their distinct target audience. Building upon this foundation, our dedicated design team meticulously crafted a modern, elegant, and user-centric website. This digital domain showcased their property's grandeur through captivating visuals, interactive elements for intuitive navigation, and a fluid booking mechanism.


To foster a deeper connection, we orchestrated the seamless migration of Wyndham Newport’s online presence from a legacy web platform to a contemporary, state-of-the-art website. This strategic amplified brand recognition, delivering a tailored user experience.

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Guided by precision, our SEO experts embarked on an exhaustive exploration of keywords and competitive landscapes. This analysis informed the optimization of the website's architecture, content hierarchy, and metadata. Focusing on local SEO strategies ensured effective resonance with potential guests seeking accommodations in specific locales, resulting in a notable surge in organic traffic.

Our commitment extended beyond the launch, as we undertook continuous maintenance, updates, and unwavering technical support. Regular security enhancements, fresh content infusion, and feature refinements maintained operational excellence, ensuring the website’s sustained relevance and engagement. Collaboration between our team and Wyndham Newport yielded remarkable outcomes.

Amplified Digital Visibility: Our meticulous SEO endeavors yielded a notable spike in organic search traffic within the first half-year, solidifying the website’s prominence in search engine rankings. Triumphant Google Ads Initiatives: The precisely tailored Google Ads campaigns facilitated a significant increase in direct bookings, underscoring a compelling return on investment (ROI).