Simple Ways to Improve Website Conversion Rates

By: Amanda Young

Whenever you’re looking to improve your website it’s very important to set goals.  A key goal for improving your website’s performance is to improve conversion rates.  Conversion rate optimization has become one of the most popular marketing tactics for 2020.  Now, what is conversion rate optimization? When it comes to website conversion rates, the conversion rate is the total amount of people that go onto your website versus the amount of people that take a a desired action that you want them to take on your site.  For example, making a purchase. 

Conversion rate optimization percentages go up once you make actions such as improving design or user experience on the site. Conversion rates for all industries have an average of 2.35%, however, the top sites that have been created average a conversion rate of 5.31%.  Another way to look at the average conversion rate across all industries is that for every 100 site visitors, only two of those visitors take the action that you wanted them to follow.  A majority of sites have even less, with only 0.01-0.2%, in other words it takes 1000 site visitors to only get one customer.

Top 10 Ways to Improve Website Conversion Rates

  1. Have reliable testimonials, reviews, and logos
  2. Strong copy (ex: CTA)
  3. Clean and distraction free design
  4. Use A/B tests
  5. Add trust badges
  6. Incorporate chatbots
  7. Grasp attention of visitors with interesting headlines
  8. Use content that targets your specific market
  9. Be clear about your products and services
  10. Track conversion data and review weekly