Starting Up In Newport, Rhode Island: A Pillar Of American Freedom

We put on for our city (and country) ūüĆä We’re proud to¬†startup¬†in one of America’s first merchant port towns.¬†


People ask, why Newport? Far from the mainstream¬†tech¬†hubs of NYC, Boston or Silicon Valley – Newport has given us the¬†opportunity¬†to grow in a city that was a founding pillar of¬†freedom¬†from religious persecution & key center for merchant trade in ūüáļūüáł’s formative years while connecting with many local¬†business¬†owners who identify with the core¬†customer¬†in our¬†growth¬†model. ūüĒĪ

At the heart¬†of the city, Bellevue Avenue¬†offers exceptional luxury shopping, art galleries, museums, & dining for the modern traveler and is home¬†to some of the most elegant waterfront architecture in the country, many built and housed by America’s first magnates.

Check out this video produced for The Bellevue Avenue Shopping District… Bellevue Avenue – America’s First Resort.