Text Marketing Vs. Email Marketing Breakdown

By: Amanda Young

Text Marketing Vs Email Marketing

Pros of text marketing include:

  • 85% of consumers say they prefer receiving texts over calls or emails
  • Higher open rates (in some cases 10-20x open rate % when compared with email)
  • Gets to the consumer almost instantly
  • Quick and easy to create
  • Immediate response
  • Greater chance of being seen (49% of emails are being marked as spam)
  • Less competition in a consumer’s inbox (there are 293 billion emails sent a day and most contain marketing materials)

Pros of email marketing include: 

Growing Trends and Stats of Text Marketing Usage

Businesses are moving from phone customer service to SMS based customer service.

52% of consumers would rather text customer service lines rather than call them.

In fact, almost 60% of consumers are not even willing to wait on hold to speak to a customer service representative for more than a minute.  As time goes on the attention spans of customers will only get shorter.

Text message marketing has a conversion rate of about 14%.

49 million consumers prefer to receive text messages from business rather than emails.

Marketers are starting to use text message marketing to send out cart abandonment offers, VIP programs and birthday specials to help improve brand loyalty in consumers.

About 77% of consumers who receive information from companies over text seem to have more of a positive impression of these companies.

Chatbots that use text messaging is a popular trend this year.

Text message marketing being used as a digital marketing channel has a high ROI.

The Future of SMS Marketing

A text marketing becomes more and more popular here are some advances and trends to look out for in the future: 

  • SMS marketing will become more personalized
    Text customer service will be built into more business plans
  • SMS marketing will be used for sales promotions, taking orders, coupons, virtual gifts, product launches, product verification, password confirmation, appointment bookings, alerts, customer support, surveys, recruitment, order tracking, and check-ins
  • Businesses will also find more innovative used for text marketing
    • Ex: Chipotle is even using SMS to accept applications to help speed up their hiring process
  • Software platforms will grow and improve options for sending out automated SMS promotions