The power of focused & managed SEM (Search Engine Marketing)

By: Jeff St. Onge

Driving results in real time, providing transparent data that tells the story ? Paid search is a fantastic avenue to find + ROI, especially for ecommerce retailers. This particular case is an example where client already has vast traditional sales & distribution network and where Ecommerce totals only 1% of gross sales.

Google merchant is a underutilized channel within AdWords that we have found usually has stronger impact on direct revenue, in a short time window than traditional text or banner ads. In just over 30 days we’ve been able to increase gross revenue from ecommerce over 50% and over time with complete digital strategy overhaul, we believe we’ll be able to move online sales from 1% to 10% of total sales.

The results speak for themself: see below. Could you benefit from increased revenue performance like this?