The Rise of Text Marketing

By: Amanda Young

What is text marketing?

Text marketing is a type of marketing campaign that uses text messages to send advertisements and promotions to users.  When using text marketing, businesses have the option to send pictures and/or text in their message.  Sending out text messages to customers is an easy and quick way to update them on new products, sales, and discounts without spamming their email inbox.  Customers constantly have their phones and have a higher rate of keeping up to date with text messages rather than emails. 

What are the benefits?

When it comes to customers receiving messages from businesses, 85% of mobile device users prefer a text from a business rather than a phone call or email. The perks of using text marketing include that it is a more personal form of advertisement, it does not require internet access, it is more interactive, and it has higher click-through rates.  Open rates for text messages can often be over 90%.  

The video above details Federal Laws to adhere to when deploying text campaigns – and other tips. 

How to execute?

There are several different softwares to sign up for to set up text message marketing campaigns. We also have our own proprietary text software here at J. Arthur that can handle large lists (tens or hundreds of thousands of #’s) and utilizes Twilio’s awesome API calls. Other softwares companies that businesses use are EZ Texting, Slick Text and Braze.  Seven key tips include: make sure to get permission from customers, have a creative short-code, be concise, use proper key words, respond to customers quickly, measure ROI, and respect the different timezones your customers live in.  Using softwares like these give companies the legal right to text their customers.  When creating a text message campaign it is important that businesses make sure that their messages are on brand and that their customers find the messages valuable.