Top UI/UX Trends for 2022

By: Danielle Rose

While traveling recently, I had two completely different user interfaces and user experience(UI and UX) interactions.

My car rental company emailed while I was still on the plane asking me to upgrade and get picked up from the airport directly, instead of waiting for the rental car shuttle. But the user interface on the web site was so confusing, I couldn’t understand exactly the service provided and didn’t use it—even though I wanted to.

Later, I was eager to try a burger joint my sister had recommended, but I had never heard of. I found the website on my phone, which was bright and easy to understand. I had no problem customizing my order (salt on the fries, baby) and my pick-up time. It was ready, hot and delicious when I arrived: an ideal user experience.

Both experiences illustrate examples of UI and UX in today’s world.

Defining UI and UX

UI stands for User Interface, which generally translates to a human being’s interaction with a computer system. UX stands for User Experience and deals more with a user’s overall experience with a brand or product.

UI and UX are also constantly evolving to fit business and consumer needs. Here are some of the trends to watch out for in the UI and UX world in 2022.

UI/UX Trends in 2022

Dark Mode

You’ve seen it on your phone, expect to see it creep in on other devices. Dark mode saves your devices’ battery, is better for your eyes and makes things easier to read.

ui ux trends dark mode jpg

Micro-interactions: More than just a Like

Our social media interactions have been based on micro-interactions. This is the swipe left for like, or the heart on Instagram or retweet on Twitter. Expect to see more social media options, like a down vote or up vote, in 2022.

ui ux trends microinteraction 2

Unique Branding Illustrations

Think Google Doodle, but on your company’s website. You can use a quick video or image to create an enticing, informative branding illustrations that draw customers in.

The Cursor is Alive!

Forget about the blinking line or the old block cursor. Expect to see customizable cursor images showing your spot on the screen or page.

Custom cursor interactions

Virtual Reality

These headsets are growing increasingly popular. Stop thinking of just a screen and start seeing the real world through a virtual lens. Before you shop at a grocery store, make sure they have the Ben and Jerry’s flavor you want by plugging in and walking through the store.

ui ux trends vr ar

Virtual Store Shopping Demonstration

Business and Font Synergy

Newspapers with fonts that look like classic type on their web sites. Pet groomers that use paw prints in place of some letters. Subtly matching the look of your computer presence with your business only reinforces your authority and expertise.

ui ux trends topography

ui ux trends topography

Colors Everywhere

Expect new options for different color palettes on your phone, plus an increased ability of designers to adapt to foldable devices.

Just Talk to Me, baby

We are all familiar with Siri and Alexa, and now we are seeing it with our televisions, too: press a button on the remote control and say, “turn on closed captioning,” and boom there they are. Expect more user interfaces to be voice driven, rather than typed or texted.

Dead End with a Smile

You hit the dreaded 404 message, file not found, but instead of a stark screen and harsh message, you are greeted with a smile and encouraging words redirecting you to continue your search.

ux ui trends 404

UI and UX designs are changing fast, seeking to give the user what they want with as little hassle as possible. The car rental place failed me. The hamburgers were awesome.