Virtual Tour Of The New Company Headquarters

By: Jeff St Onge

Here’s a virtual tour of the new HQ and J. Arthur & Co 2.0!

From Virtual Reality to website retail kiosks to expanded square footage for our growing team. In addition to the upgrades, location and added space for new hires, the space also launching a community based co-working environment that we’re very excited about.

I’m opening up the doors to select do-ers, startup’ers, and professionals from Newport to Providence who are looking for a collaborative community/professional space to work that offers all the features of operating your own office space at a much lower cost. Work-stations are affordable and have flexible options. To see all packages and come and tour the space, visit and inquire.

There’s a lot more to dive into here but everyone who’s been a part of the ride so far you better come through when the doors open in 2018.