Why TikTok is Your Business’s Next Big Marketing Move

By: J. Arthur

In 2024, TikTok has evolved from a trendsetting app into a vital business tool, thanks to TikTok Shop. This integrated marketplace has revolutionized the way companies engage with customers, offering a direct line from content to purchase. It’s where creativity in marketing thrives, allowing even the most traditional businesses to connect with audiences.

What’s more, TikTok users are demonstrating a remarkable openness to advertising. According to the latest Statista report (2023), “38% of survey participants using TikTok are willing to tolerate advertising in exchange for free access to certain services.” This suggests that TikTok users may be more receptive to your marketing efforts compared to users on other platforms.

TikTok’s vast and varied user base stands ready for businesses to tap into, from millennials to more mature demographics. The Social Shepherd highlights the platform’s engagement, noting, “With social media apps available right at our fingertips, it should come as no surprise that we access them multiple times in one day, oftentimes never giving it a second thought. Data shows the average user opens the TikTok app 19 times per day.” This frequency of use offers businesses repeated opportunities to connect with their audience.

Influencers on TikTok are redefining what it means to have brand ambassadors, offering reach and relatability. Interestingly, “almost 15% of TikTok users struggle to distinguish between advertising and other content,” suggesting that subtle, well-integrated marketing can be especially effective on this platform (Source).

TikTok is more than a social network; it’s a smart, strategic choice for businesses aiming to make their mark.
Let’s explore how TikTok can set your business on a new path in 2024.

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Embrace the TikTok Marketplace

This dedicated shopping experience is a core piece of the app, offering businesses a streamlined path to convert views into sales. Users can move from discovery to purchase without ever leaving the app. That’s the seamless shopping experience TikTok Shop offers.

Moreover, TikTok Shop isn’t just a marketplace; it’s well suited for diverse promotional strategies and collaborations with creators who can amplify your brand’s presence.

Unleash Your Creative Spirit

TikTok thrives on the light-hearted, imaginative, and downright fun. It’s a space where authenticity meets creativity, a perfect blend for many businesses. Engaging on TikTok allows you to humanize your brand, creating a connection with your audience that’s built on genuine interaction and relatable content.

This platform is your canvas for crafting content that resonates, whether it’s through educational insights or a peek into your brand’s lighter side. By leveraging the app’s creative potential, you can elevate your brand’s narrative and carve out a space in the minds—and hearts—of your audience.

Expand Your Reach at Lightning Speed

Since its launch in 2016, TikTok has shattered download records, surpassing long-standing social platforms. It’s a melting pot of global audiences, transcending the stereotype that it’s just a teenage playground.

The diversity of TikTok’s user base is a testament to its universal appeal. With a significant portion of users across various demographics, TikTok offers businesses a chance to tap into a wide-ranging audience, including those influential millennials and Gen Zers.

TikTok: A Haven for Influencers

Viral fame on the app isn’t just for the lucky few; it’s an open playing field where anyone has the opportunity to skyrocket to success quickly. The app is packed with influencers across every conceivable niche, providing businesses with a vast array of partnership opportunities to target specific markets with precision.

Navigating the influencer arena is made simpler with TikTok’s Creator Marketplace. This analytics tool is a compass for brands, guiding you to the influencers who align with your values and objectives, complete with data-driven insights into their reach and engagement.

Content Repurposing: Multiply Your Impact

TikTok’s succinct video format is not only digestible; it’s versatile. These bite-sized videos can leap off the TikTok platform and land directly into your email campaigns, website, or other social channels, igniting curiosity and enhancing engagement across all your touchpoints.

However, brand consistency is key. Ensure your content complements your overall messaging, maintaining a cohesive brand experience no matter where your audience encounters you.

Affordable, Effective, and TikTok-Smart

For many businesses, diving into  advertising may seem daunting, but the platform’s budget-friendly nature makes it an accessible avenue for brands of all sizes. You can start small and scale your investment as your familiarity and success with the platform grow.

Embracing TikTok for business is a savvy move in 2024. With minimal investment, you can unlock significant organic reach and engagement, making TikTok not just a smart choice, but a strategic one for businesses looking to make a mark.