Managing B2B Customer Experience

By: Amanda Young

B2B companies have score a less than 50% average for customer experience, which is far lower than the score of 65%-85% for B2C companies.

Customer Service

The rise of smartphones has been setting new standards for B2B companies.  Clients want quick and efficient customer service experiences.  For a few years now, B2C companies have been working on their responsiveness to customers and creating apps for customers to use to increase the speed and ease of customer service, now these expectations are hitting B2B companies 

What to consider when improving B2B customer experience:

  • Map all clients
  • Create different tracks to take
  • Manage and rework plans when incidents appear
  • Digitize 
  • Be transparent about work progress

Project management

B2B marketing project management provides the important framework for teams, campaigns and even entire organizations.  Online companies, outsourced teams, and flexible scheduling are all trends that have entered the business world; these trends benefit greatly from the use of project management.  Project management provides these trends with efficient workflows and clear communication resulting in positive outcomes. 

For B2B companies and agencies, there are variations when it comes to managing projects.  When project managing other businesses it is essential for B2B companies and agencies to:

  • Look at the big picture of the project, do not feel tied down to the small details of the project
  • Make sure to use the right tools 
  • Find the right balance and promote the processes that are needed
  • Be flexible

Direct selling

Direct selling is what keeps B2B companies alive and running.  This part of the business is how companies build relationships and secure new projects.  When pitching services to other businesses it is important to remember that:

  • Time is money
  • Consult over trying to sell your service
  • Create awareness by building personal relationships
  • Customize the buying process
  • Relationships are key

Face to face relationships are valuable to business to business relationships.  However, in times like these businesses need to find a way to make up for not being able to make those face to face relationships. Since they can’t go out and give their client a firm handshake or make in person eye contact anymore, they must come up with better ways to substitute what is being missed.  

Biggest Changes Currently Being Made in B2B Companies

Due to the pandemic, companies have had to rework their processes to meet the expectations of their customers and clients.  B2B companies have been working on putting their focus on serving their clients rather than selling their services.  This shows clients that the company is there for them and helps build a more personal connection between the business and client. 

Next, innovation has been crucial in the business world.  B2B companies have been working on ways to improve technology to make sure the means is to serve their clients.  Innovations in remote work have been most common in B2B companies.  Companies are also working on ways to use technology to break down any boundaries between similar companies to try and build partner alliances.  These alliances can consist of sharing customer data and co-investing in new technologies. 

In the end, when making new improvements to your B2B company is most important to be aware of how your clients are going to remember you once the pandemic is over.  Now is a vulnerable time for everyone, interactions are now full of powerful emotions.  Clients are going to remember the interactions they had with you during this time.  Are they going to remember their experience working with you to be poor or negative? Any experience a client has with another business now is going to stick with them for a long time.